FREE 5 Point Assessment

156 Point HIPAA Security Checklist

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Are you at risk?

Perform a risk assessment.

Recent high profile breaches in information privacy have made consumers more aware and more vigilant when it comes to protecting their personal credit and medical information. 

Is your office secure?

We offer a FREE 5 point assessment to determine if you should be concerned about potential risks.

Mitigate your Risk

Based upon our 156 point risk assessment, we will recommend necessary changes in your office:

  • New or changed policies
  • New or changed procedures
  • Training
  • Software changes
  • Hardware changes
  • Secure Internet communications
  1. Are you a covered entity?
  2. Do you electronically transmit patient data?
  3. Do you access patient data offsite?
  4. Do you back up your data?
  5. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

These questions are not as easy as they might appear.

We will conduct a thorough 5 Point Risk Assessment and explore the hidden meaning behind these questions.